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The Joy of Cybersex

An Underground Guide to Electronic Erotica by Nancy Tamosaitis Liberate your body and your mind as you encounter the intensely cerebral (“I think, therefore I am”) to the overtly sexual (“I think I love my...

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Tricks of the Internet Gurus

Internet Gurus: Patrick Kroupa by Tod Foley “The correct solution to the ‘quest,’ is, of course, that there is no solution. There is nothing you are looking for, except for you, and once you realize this, you...

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Spy Magazine – MindVox

1995 Commu-nets Plot In Which Our Cybercorrespondent Logs On, Jack In and Zones Out by Ellis Weiner The Net. The Matrix. TheGrid. Cyberspace. The Metaverse. “I’m jacking into Netcom to surf the nodes.”...

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