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I Will Not Be Digested by Elves!

From: Jonathan Magid ([email protected])
Subject: the best posting i have ever seen
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Date: 1992-06-23 18:15:38 PST

this is the best posting i have ever read in n number of years on the net. more entertaining than richh, more wicked than the bofh, a greater comic genius than carasso himself! note the clever grammar and spelling flame baits. the hot button cracker insinuations! this is obviously the work of a master baiter! (well lets not go into his personal habits…) (or perhaps its just the best case *against* public usenet access…)

From: David j Sanders ([email protected])
Newsgroups: comp.org.eff.talk,alt.drugs,alt.censorship
Subject: Re: Phantom Access (was Re: Legion of Doom)
Message-ID: ([email protected])
Date: 23 Jun 92 23:24:33 GMT
Organization: The World Public Access UNIX, Brookline, MA
Lines: 85
Xref: news.duke.edu comp.org.eff.talk:3565 alt.drugs:12590 alt.censorship:5788

I am reposting my message that was unlawfuly deleted by hackers from the usenet usuing illegal methods of software. I am not crazy or stupid I am aupset by things I have the right to be upset about this has not stuarted because of nothing I had reasons to be angry before and tried to respovle problems before but they are never listening to. Before I aever posted here I sent mail to people on many chances. Patrick Lroapa has replied to me two times for the over 15 message I sent. One weas taking what I said as a joke abd being patronizing, the other one was this thing

Subject: I am VICKS cough syrup
Post: 12 of 19 From: [email protected] (Lord Digital)
Message-ID: ([email protected])
Date: Fri, 29 May 92 01:22:06 EDT
Organization: [Phantom Access Technologies, Inc.] node: MindVox

I embody Vicks cough syrup and live the dream. I do not fear to traverse the sacred spaces of the vast untapped collective Nyquil dream that reaches far far back into man’s half-forgotten mist-shrouded (these places are always mist shourded, sometimes even swathed) past.

I dare to cross the ocean of grape soda and say onto the people: Interplaq signifies the death knell of dental floss.

(shake shake)

/save message

/sabe massage
/help me
. dot


Turtles have hard shells and crawl around in slime a lot. I have been noticing this lately. When I was very little we used to live near a golf course and my dog would bring home turtles all covered in doggy drool and hiding, but then later they’d come out and crawl around and stuff, and I really miss that. I want a turtle.

Wht the F**k is that suppsed to mean? tits drunked or drugged out bulshit. Youl note that the name says Lord DIgital not Patrick Kroupa, I have received nasty letters from people all over, len rose has writen be aggreveting mail, there is a account named “dronwed fish” on phantom.cmo that is sending me 15 yes fifteeen copies of the goddam ross perto mailing list, I dont want the doamn ross perot mailing list not even one copy fo it I pay for my disk spacem and online time and they are sendig me junk. and now I am put on the elfkins digest listing, I never orderd that eflkidn anything I dont want to erad this sick s**t what the hell is wrong with people who think theyre elves? I dont want this junK!!!!!!

Nobody at phantom acces has ever shown me the courtesy of taking me seriolsy think its ok that because they look at me they can judge me for things they cant and I will not be digested. I am told some mailing lists are digesting aeverything ehre into some cyberpunk mailing listing groups of how midnvox is beginning and my posts belong to me and it is illegal to digest them, I will not allow it. I resver all the rights to my mesages and dont allow them to be digested.

This shows the problem with phantom acess again, there have been over 100 meesages here and noone has had the courtesy to reply to any of them from phantom acess. Where the hell is Krouap? he is never here, he never posts anywhere, he is never in irc, he doesnt answer my mail now. What kknd of company is that and mindvox is not accepting my logon. I have called and it does not let me online. THat is illegal and I want to access it if I pay money I am allowed to access it like ocmpuserve or any other company.

I can type and I will not be judged by tping skills, I have them when I edit it before and upload it and I will do that to show some smug smarteasses that I ahve the right to m opinons.

Still no stupid handle David j Sanders —

Jonathan Magid [email protected]
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