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Tricks of the Internet Gurus

Internet Gurus: Patrick Kroupa by Tod Foley “The correct solution to the ‘quest,’ is, of course, that there is no solution. There is nothing you are looking for, except for you, and once you realize this, you...

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Warding Off The Cyberspace Invaders By now, you’ve surely heard of Kevin D. Mitnick, the notorious hacker who was hunted down and arrested by FBI agents on Feb. 15. His crimes: a string of network break-ins that included...

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Wired – MindVox on the Rocks

MindVox on the Rocks by John Alderman 1997 After a crash in early March disabled the celebrated BBS MindVox, users received a message that the system wouldn’t go live until 1 April, and after that its unstable hard disks...

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New York Magazine

Boot Up and See Me Sometime Electronic salons are the hangouts of cyberspace, where like minds meet to discuss everything from Jesus Christ to home pet surgery. After years of lagging behind even Cleveland, the New York salon...

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